HPLC Tubing

When ordering HPLC tubing it is important to choose the correct material (steel, PEEK, PTFE or tygon) the outer diameter (1/16" or 1/8") and the internal diameter (0.010", 0.020", 0.030", 0.04" etc)

Use high pressure tubing from the pump through to the detector.

To prevent band broading, use 0.010" i.d. tubing from the injector to the column and from the column to the detector and keep each length as short as possible. Use Tygon tubing for piston backwash.

Steel Tubing
Strong - doesn't kink or weaken when bent.
Universal - can be used with all solvents.
Will support the weight of most columns.
Will stay in shape.
NB Not suitable for Ion chromatography as it can introduce traces of Fe, Mn, Cr etc.

PEEK Tubing
No metal ions.
Unsuitable for use with Tetrahydrofuran (THF).
Will kink and then leak if bent sharply.
Will not stay in shape without corner guide.

PTFE Tubing
Much softer therefore less able to withstand high pressure.
Suitable for solvent inlet lines and waste outlet from the detector.

Tygon Tubing
Soft, low pressure tubing for piston backwash

HPLC Tubing - Ordering Information

Steel Tubing - 1/16" OD
Internal Diameter Product Code Price (per metre) 5 metres
0.007" or 0.17mm LA4101/07 £24.95 £99.95
0.010" or 0.25mm LA4101/01 £24.95 £99.95
0.020" or 0.5mm LA4101/02 £24.95 £99.95
0.030" or 0.75mm LA4101/03 £24.95 £99.95
0.040" or 1.0mm LA4101/04 £24.95 £99.95

PEEK Tubing - 1/16" OD
Internal Diameter Product Code Price (per metre) 5 metres
0.005" LA4102/05 £24.95 £99.95
0.010" LA4102/01 £24.95 £99.95
0.020" LA4102/02 £24.95 £99.95
0.030" LA4102/03 £24.95 £99.95

PTFE Tubing      
Size Product Code Price (per metre) 5 metres
1/16"OD x 0.01" id LA4103/01 £24.95 £99.95
1/16"OD x 0.03" id LA4103/03 £24.95 £99.95
1/8"OD x 1/16" id LA4104/01 £24.95 £99.95

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