Tubing Cutters


Motorised tubing cutter.

Product Code: LA4016/01

Price: £249.95

Use for cutting steel tubing.

Here is how it works: 

1) Insert tubing into cutting arm.

2) Press down on cutting arm to cut tubing.

3) Keep cutting arm pressed down until tubing has been fully cut.

4) Remove cut tubing and finish off using deburring tool attached to cutter.

Other manual cutters available



Plier Cutter.

Product Code: LA4015/01

Price: £29.95 

Use for cutting peek, teflon, steel tubing.



Rotory Cutter.

Product Code: LA4017/01

Price: £ 49.95

Use for cutting steel tubing only.



Guillotine Cutter.

Product Code: LA4018/01

Price £15.95

Use for cutting peek or telfon tubing.

For HPLC Tubing, see our separate tubing section

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