Compression Screws

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pack of 10
Code: LA4130/02
Price: £49.95

Rheodyne long,
pk of 10
Code: LA4130/04
Price: £49.95

Rheodyne extra long, pack of 5
Code: LA4130/05 
Price: £49.95




pack of 10
Code: LA4130/06
Price: £49.95

PEEK, hex head,
Code: LA4130/20
Price: £49.95

PEEK Compression Screw hex head long
Code: LA4130/21
Price: £49.95




Finger tight steel, 1/16", pack/10
Code: LA4131/01
Price: £39.95

Finger tight PEEK 1/16", pack/10
Code: LA4132/01
Price: £24.95

Fingertight 1-pce PEEK screw,1/16"pack/10
Code: LA4133/01




1/8" Flange free nut, natural PEEK, pack 10
Code: LA4134/02
Price: £24.95

1/16" Flange free nut, natural PEEK, pack 10
Code: LA4134/12
Price: £24.95

1/8" Flange free nut, black PEEK, pack 10
Code: LA4134/01
Price: £24.95

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