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Laserchrom HPLC Equipment

Model 7725i Rheodyne Manual Injection Valve

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Its the industry standard.

Unless you need a PEEK valve or a preparative valve, its pointless to buy anything else.

Features & Benefits   Specification
  • Wider port spacing. Much easier to attach tubing and tighten nuts
  Max Pressure 7000 psi 482 bar
  • No "zero" position. This means that the flow path is not interrupted when switching from LOAD to INJECT and hence there is no pressure surge. Rheodyne call this "Make before Break" (MBB) Technology
  Wetted Surfaces 316 Stainless
Alumina Ceramic
Inert Polymer
  • Built in contact closure. The valve can be used to start the data system or gradient automatically.
pH Range 0 - 10
  • Central valve tensioning. Not often required but this means that the valve tensioning adjustment is quick, requires no tools and is impossible to get out of balance.
Max Temperature 80oC
Flow Path Diameters 0.6mm
  • Patented Rheodyne needle port design connects the tip of the syringe to the sample loop, ensuring zero sample loss.
  • Mounting bracket available to mount the valve on any HPLC system.

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Rheodyne Model 7725i Injection valve LA2725/00

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