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Laserchrom HPLC Equipment

Model LA2580 Advanced Fraction Collector

  Buy This Fraction Collector For:
  • Top Specification
  • Flexibility
  • Ease of use
  • Robust Design
Features & Benefits   Specification
  • Large display screen and 9 operation keys makes programming easy and the graph display mkes it easy to determine the status of fraction collection

8 x 40 character LCD

Operating Temp:

2-40 oC


335(h) x 286(w) x 3387(d)

  • Reliable construction. The operation panel and the mechanical and electrical components are behind the the test tube rack to protect from liqid droplets.

approx 7.0 kg


240V 50Hz

Specifications - Fraction
  • Suitable for both analytical and preparative works. Able to take different size bottles and tubes. Including tests tubes (up to 180 x 15mm), eppendorf tubes, scintillation vials (up to 27.5mm) microplates and schott duran bottles.
  Modes Simple, Peak, Window, Manual, Sampling
Collection Methods by time, drop count, drop volume, signal
Simple Mode Parameters
  • Quick nozzle movement, tube to tube in 0.1 seconds so very low sample loss
Time (max) 99 min 59 sec/tube
Drop (max) 999 drop/tube
  • Waste constituents are drained out so there is reduced risk of contamination.
Signal (max) 999 count/tube
Volume (max) 99.9 ml/tube
  • Case made from chemically resitant ABS plastic. racks made from chemically resitant polypropylene.
Peak Mode Parameters
End Time  999 (max) 
  Requets Time 99 min 59 sec / tube max
    Monitor Time 99 min 59 sec / tube max
  Fraction Peak up to 10 out of 99 peaks
  Peak Discrimination Absolute value 100% max
    Slope 99.99 mV/min or
    Slope 9.999 mV/min max
  Signal Response Chromoto. signal sampling
    High: 0.5 sec
      Low: 3 sec 
  Window Mode Parameters
  Non-window Monitor  99 min 59 sec (max) 
  Fraction windows 16
    Start/End Time 999 min 59 sec (max)
  Request/monitor Time 99 min 59 sec / tube max
    Peak Spcification same as Peak Mode
  Manual Mode Parameters
  Learning Respone Chromoto. signal sampling
      High: 0.5 sec
    Low: 3 sec 
  Sampling Mode Parameters
    Interval 99 min 59 sec (max) 
  Collection Time 99 min 59 sec (max) 
  Collection Volume 999.9 ml (max)
  No. of repeats 99 (max)
  External Signals
  Event Marker 2 Contact point outut circuits
    1:Pulse signals
    2:Levels signals
    Signal output  10mV or 1V full scale
    Ext. Start imput ON START
    Ext. End imput ON END
    Ext. Count imput ON COUNT
    Serial Interface RS-232C (9 pin connector)

Ordering Information 
Advanced Fraction Collector LA2580/00

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