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Laserchrom HPLC Equipment

Model LA2580 Advanced Fraction Collector

  Buy This Fraction Collector For:
  • Low cost
  • Ease of use
  • Robust Design
  • Small Footprint
Features & Benefits   Specification
  • Supported software makes programming simple and easy

2 x 8 character LCD

  • New drop detection system allows the fraction nozzle tip to be exposed. This allows easy maintenance and confirmation of the relative positions of fraction tubes and nozzle.
Operating Temp:

2-40 oC


170(h) x 268(w) x 310(d)


approx 2.9 kg


240V 50Hz

  • Self adjusting test tube rack can accomodate several sizes of tubes. 12-15mm dia and 90-1200mm height
Specifications - Fraction
Modes Simple, Window, Manual
Nozzle shift time 0.1 sec (centre to centre)
  • Sloped test tube rack facilitates checking of tube alignment.
Wait time setting up to 99 min 59 sec
  • Discard samples can be stored in the rack or connected to a drain tube for drainage to the external drain reservoir.
Simple Mode Parameters
Time (max) 99 min 59 sec/tube
Drop (max) 999 drop/tube
  • Easy removal of racks facilitated by depression of single key to move fraction arm to safe position.
Signal (max) 999 count/tube
Volume (max) 99.9 ml/tube
Window Mode Parameters
    Fraction windows
    Window (end)
99 min 59 sec
Fraction Capacity
99 min 59 sec
Peak Parameter
  - Level (max)
- Peak Slope (max)
10.00 mV/min
  - Nozzle delay(max)
9 min 59 sec
Manual Mode Parameters
  Nozzle Delay (max) 9 min 59 sec
  I/O Signals
    Event marker Output Marker ON/OFF (1 fraction)
  Chromatograph signal input 10.0mV DC (full scale)
  Ex Start Input ON start
  Ext count (signal) input ON Count

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Compact Fraction Collector LA2590/00


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