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Laserchrom HPLC Equipment
Sykam S3580 Refractive Index (RI) Detector
  Buy This Detector For:
  • Low cost (More than £1000 less expensive than Shodex model, but not as sensitive)
  • Surprisingly good sensitivity
  • Easy operation
  • Low running cost
Features & Benefits   Specification
  • Signal Interface with Input for 2nd Detector
  RI Range

1.00 - 1.75

  • The lamp for this detector is inexpensive and lasts for 50,000 hours!
  Flow Rate


  • Audible alert for air in the cell
  Linearity Range

80x10-5 RIU

  • Very easy to calibrate
  Noise Level


  Autozero Range

40x10-5 RIU

  • 5 Vdc output for flow control of S1122 if required
  Autozero Resolution

5x10-10 RIU

  • 5 Vdc output for temperature control
  Integrator Output

+/- 1 Volt

  • The progressive electronic and mechanical design results in a detector with superior sensitivity, ultra-low noise level, the highest degree of baseline stability and low maintenance.
  Recorder Output

+/- 10 Volts

Temperature Settings

RT, 35oC or 55oC fixed

Flow Cell Volume

9 ul

  • The fully digital electronic design has new features not available in other refractive index detectors. It is also an analog to digital interface for other detectors.
  Flow Cell Pressure

90psi max

Digital Interface
One -5 Vdc analog detector signal input
  • The detector includes a backlit display, internal memory for buffering and a digial interface.
  Digital Input
One -5Vdc or +5 Vdc analog detector signal input
Contact, 5Vdc, TTL or 12 Vdc Intensity, Marker, Temp, Solvent Recycler
Contact, 5Vdc, TTL, Purge, Polarity, Autozero, Marker, Temp, Solvent Recycler
    Dimensions (mm)
 210(h) x 300(w) x 450(d)

240V 50Hz


approx 9.1kg