Shodex Technical Notebook 1 (pdf 3Mb)

(New Mixed pore size GPC Columns)


Shodex Technical Notebook 2 (pdf 2.3Mb)

(Polymer Amino columns for sugars)


Shodex Technical Notebook 3 (pdf 3Mb)

( Food Analysis )


Shodex Technical Notebook 4 (pdf 1.3Mb)

(Ion Chromatography)


Shodex Technical Notebook 5 (pdf 3.2Mb)

( Protein GFC )


Shodex Technical Notebook 6 (pdf 3.5Mb)

( ODP2 reversed phase columns )



Shodex HPLC Columns


Shodex HPLC Columns are made in Japan by Showa Denko (one of the largest Japanese chemical companies). They produce more than 1000 different columns, most filled with polymer based packing material, and have been doing so since 1973.

There are many advantages offered by Shodex columns, and we would be pleased to advise which is the most appropriate for your separation. Alternatively, if you already use a column from another manufacturer and would like to know which is the nearest equivalent from the Shodex range, please email to [email protected].

Columns are organised into sections below. Follow the links for more detail, including prices in £ sterling and links to detailed technical information on the Shodex website.