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Laserchrom HPLC Equipment
Sykam Model S2100 Quarternary Gradient Pump
  Buy This Pump For:
  • Comprehensive gradient pump that does everything.
  • Control by Clarity Data System
Features & Benefits   Specification
  • Choice of 3 pump heads, analytical, micro and prep
  Flow Rate:-  
  • Compressibility correction, to ensure really accurate flow rates

0.05 - 10 ml/min


0.01 - 4 ml/min

  • Mixing cycle programmable to minimize noise. Built in static and dynamic mixers

0.2 - 40 ml/min

Delivery Mode
Two piston, in series
  • Monitors backpressure and stores diagnostic report to give confidence in unattended operation. Pump will stop automatically after automated runs to save solvent
  Pressure Limit:


Pumphead material:

316 stainless steel or PEEK


< 1%

  • Programmable flow at start up and stop to protect column from high pressure when using viscous mobile phases

Large backlit LCD


Quarternary low pressure mixing

  • Up to 20 gradient profiles can be stored and run singly or daisychained so several batches of samples can be run unattended
  Mixing Cycle:

Programmable, 1-9 secs

Flow Precision
Flow Accuracy
  • Isocratic runs (solvents mixed by the pump) can be shut down to a pre-programmed flow rate after a given time to save solvent. Gradient profiles are displayed on-screen
  External Control
RS232 and Clarity
 210mm(h) x 310mm(w) x 450mm(d)
  • Optional built in 4-channel degasser (more expensive than a separate degasser, but saves space)

240V 50Hz


Ordering Information 
Sykam S 2100, Gradient pump with steel analytical pumphead

10 10 067

Option 1:  Built in 4-channel degasser. V efficient and saves space.
10 10 069
Option 2:  Solvent tray that sits on top of the pump. Complete with  bottles, and a helium sparging system.
10 70 009