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Laserchrom HPLC Equipment
Sykam Model S1122 Isocratic Pump
  Buy This Pump For :
  • To go with S.3210 UV/Diode Array or S3580 RI detectors
  • Very simple operation
  • Robust reliable pump
  • Very smooth flow
Features and Benefits   Specification
  • Dual Piston in series design. This gives very low background pulsation and makes the pump suitable for even the most sensitive detectors
  Flow Rate:-
Analytical :

0.05 - 9.95 ml/min


0.02 - 4.0 ml/min

  • Three interchangeable head sizes (Micro, analytical and preparative) therefore the pump can be used for many applications

0.2 - 40 ml/min

Flow Precision
    Flow Accuracy
  • Short plunger stroke and high piston frequency to achieve smoother flow
  Pressure Limit:


  • Piston backwash built in. This means that seal life is greatly extended when using aqueous buffers
  Pumphead material:

Stainless steel or PEEK


< 1%

  • External control from start/stop via a TTL signal (single wire, very easy to connect up). An external DC signal is used for remote control flow rate if required.

2 x 20 Character LCD

Remote Control:

Analogue and Digital Control

  • Flow rate control is very accurate, maintaining both flow and back pressure to give very precise control
Ordering Information 

Sykam HPLC Pump, Analytical, Steel Head

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